class Timeable(start, end, index=0, name=None, data={})

Abstract base class for anything with a concept of start and end/duration

Implements additional methods to make it easier to work with time-based concepts

io(fi, length, ei='eei', eo='eei', negative=False)

Somewhat like progress(), but can be used to fade in/out (hence the name (i)n/(o)ut)

  • length refers to the lenght of the ease, in frames

  • ei= takes the ease-in mnemonic

  • eo= takes the ease-out mnemonic

progress(i, loops=0, cyclic=True, negative=False, easefn='linear') → coldtype.time.timeable.Timing

Given an easing function (easefn=), calculate the amount of progress as a Timing object

easefn= takes a mnemonic as enumerated in coldtype.time.easing.ease()