Work in progress

N.B. All of the following are available unprefixed after a from coldtype import *, or are available at the specified prefix locations after an import coldtype.

Much of the documentation for core text-setting and geometry classes in Coldtype now lives on drafting.goodhertz.com

Vector/Path Classes

coldtype.pens.datpen.DATPen(*args, **kwargs)

Main vector representation in Coldtype


A set/collection of DATPen’s

Rendering Decorators

coldtype.renderable.renderable([rect, bg, …])

Base class for any content renderable by Coldtype


Base class for any frame-wise animation animatable by Coldtype

Time/Timing Classes

coldtype.time.Frame(i, animation)

Container for information about a frame

coldtype.time.Timeable(start, end[, index, …])

Abstract base class for anything with a concept of start and end/duration

coldtype.time.Timeline(duration[, fps, …])

General base class for any kind of timeline or sequence, in the NLE sense

coldtype.time.Timing(t, loop_t, loop, easefn)

coldtype.time.loop.Loop(duration, …[, …])

Construct for quickly developing animations based on loop

coldtype.time.easing.ease(style, x)

Though available as a general-purpose function, this logic is usually accessed through something like the .progress function on an animation or timeable.